Take a walk on the wild side...

Internationally renowned sex author Susan Crain Bakos has traveled far into the American psyche and has returned with a provocative survey of sexual adventures. From fetishists to bondage fans, from piercers to disciplinarians, she reveals the kinky secrets of seemingly "normal" people, including:

* The handsome executive who enjoys his wife, but requires a dominatrix for himself.
* The church-reared woman who enjoys spanking.
* The S/M sex clubs in large cities and small towns who cater to a special clientele-- but not who you'd expect.
* The psychologist who knows submission is her ideal state.
* The couple who host S/M bondage parties for every kind of kink.
* The husband who convinced his wife to video themselves and their friends making love.

Find out what has driven so many people to their sexual limits.

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